About Us

Our company was founded on the idea of giving others a sense of luxury with total body wellness.

We provide full body maintenance services. We pride ourselves on providing quality therapeutic services and are not a franchise like most. We encounter each customer with a personable approach, new or returning. Kandi Coated Med Spa promotes a well balanced lifestyle with the belief that routine maintenance and beauty treatments go a long way and is vital to total body care.


To help others feel their best and reach their full potential on their journey to total body care

Do something your body will thank you for later “GET KANDI COATED”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Walk-Ins Accepted?
We are appointment only. Booking can be done by phone or online. Prepayment required.

Should I arrive early?
No, your appointment will begin at the appointed time. Sessions are cancelled after 15 minutes if we do not hear from you or you do not show for the appointment.

How do I book future paid appointments? At your initial visit we will give you information on booking any remaining appointments.

Is a credit card required to book even if I bought a groupon already?
Yes, there is no charge if you have a groupon unless you do not show to your appointment. Cancellations must be made within 24 hrs of the appointment to avoid a $25 fee.

Can I purchase a gift card and pay over the phone?
Yes, you can pay over the phone and receive your gift card via email or pick up.

Are children allowed during my visit?
Children under age 12 are not permitted unless being serviced.

How many can be serviced at once for the yonie steam session?  3 individuals at once can enjoy a 35 minute session in the same room.